PacingCure’s roots and goals are in the clinic for which we have two platforms in development.

PacingCure harnes­ses cardio­vascular expertise to propel ground­breaking inno­vations.

Leveraging deep insights into heart health and disease mechanisms, PacingCure pivots towards pioneering therapies using an interdisciplinary approach to integrate advanced technologies for developing transformative treatments and pioneer novel therapies that address high unmet medical needs.

By leveraging cutting-edge research, we strive to revolutionize treatment options for various arrhythmias leading to heart failure and sudden cardiac death.

PacingCure has identified multiple clinical indications for which we strive to develop first-in-class and best-in-class therapeutics that adapt to the body’s needs to provide more effective, safer, and longer-lasting treatments.

Our programs are selected based on our clear understanding of the underlying disease mechanisms, targeted by precision gene therapies, and well-defined endpoints and readouts. Each platform provides attractive clinical entry indications with regulatory and business advantages as well as highly prevalent indications with high unmet medical needs.

PacingCure’s solutions could revolutionize the current standard of care, enhancing the well-being of individuals with cardiac rhythm disorders.