PacingCure trans­lates scientific discoveries into new thera­pies through strong science, care­fully selected assets and smart execution.

With our extensive trans­lational re­search activities, we bridge the gap be­tween laboratory disco­veries and clini­cal applications.

PacingCure’s strength to develop and apply pre-clinical models in translational studies converts scientific insights into practical solutions.

Successful translational efforts hold the promise to bring advanced therapeutic solutions into the reach of clinicians.

PacingCure develops and utilizes a range of highly specialized proprietary models to study disease mechanisms and therapeutic efficacy.

Specialized in vitro models to study excitability and impulse conduction such as single cell models, engineered heart tissues, and organoids offer insights into cellular responses and molecular pathways, enabling the translation of results across species and towards a human-specific perspective.

Specific in vivo disease models simulating cardiac arrhythmias provide a clear and reliable readout of the phenotypes of interest.

These models enable evaluation of gene transfer efficiency and therapeutic potential under conditions more akin to humans.

PacingCure continuously moves forward along the translational axis to advance our understanding of cardiac diseases and facilitate the development of advanced and innovative treatments.