PacingCure is building on cutting-edge science.

Discover the forefront of medical innovation with our precision cardiac gene therapies. Pioneering a new era in cardiovascular health, our groundbreaking and transformative technologies target the root causes of heart conditions at a genetic level.

By leveraging advanced molecular techniques, we have the ability to precisely modify and regulate genes associated with cardiac diseases.

This revolutionary approach holds promise in treating both inherited and acquired disorders, maintaining healthy heart function, and preventing onset and progression of cardiovascular diseases. With our unwavering commitment to cutting-edge research, we are shaping a healthier future. Join us in revolutionizing cardiac care and rewriting the possibilities of heart health.

Targeted Delivery

  • New and promising AAV technologies to enhance gene transfer efficiency and tissue targeting, while mitigating immune resistance.
  • Cell type-specific regulation of therapeutic gene expression minimizes off-target effects and adverse reactions.

Therapeutic transgenes

  • To unlock the full potential of gene therapies and revolutionize cardiac disease treatment, our therapeutic transgenes aim to correct anomalies or induce curative cellular processes by providing sustained gene therapeutic correction.