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Precision therapy for the treatment of cardiac conduction disease and heart failure.

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PacingCure develops gene therapy approaches for cardiac diseases with a focus on arrhythmias and heart failure.

Both, inherited and acquired heart diseases will be benefit from precisely targeted and sustained treatment at the root cause of the disease.

We set out to pace up the development of groundbreaking technology to enable new and efficient ways of curing the pace of patient’s hearts in need.

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Congenital complete heart block is an inherited heart conduction defect, and can be a life-threat for young infants, without an effective therapy to date. With the support from the European Innovation Council (EIC) we are looking for new treatment options.

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PacingCure is building on cutting-edge science.


PacingCure trans­lates scientific discoveries into new thera­pies through strong science, care­fully selected assets and smart execution.


PacingCure’s roots and goals are in the clinic for which we have two platforms in development.